What is an Infotope?
A person's information sphere around them. The sphere consists of all systems and applications used to access, deliver, and store their information.

What was Infotope's mission as a company?
To define, develop and manage a complete and secure user digital home-Infotope.

What made up the home-Infotope?
The home-Infotope includes a central server, able to control all other home systems using smart agents that accept voice commands (like Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana), but the per person data, its tracking, and any other private information is stored on the home server, not in the cloud. This user data is not accessible without user agreement. The server's data could be encrypted and saved in the cloud, sure, but the user would never relinquish control of their privacy, as it happens with most voice command technologies, such as Google Assistant. The Infotope agent knows user preferences, desired interaction levels and methods (via smart phone, TV prompts, voice commands, and/or other), and alerts, tailored to each user's comfort level. The agent monitors and controls any Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the home, too, thus avoiding hacking of IP cameras, toys, etc.

Why we led the market
We understand the strengths and weaknesses of home broadband and IoT networks, privacy protections, and confidentiality of user data; and defined a comprehensive and universal solution to the user's needs. Others are only now developing piecemeal solutions and have yet to integrate a whole package; without the privacy of personal information, we are committed to. It is hard being first; it takes strength of commitment (as well as money and effort) to blaze a trail where no one else has gone yet. Unfortunately, we encountered issues within each of these areas and had to pause our work.

The Leaders
Thomas Neuroth and John Egan

Thomas is continuing in the startup field and eager to re-use, what exists regarding contacts, concepts, brand etc. of infotope. He welcomes any new challenge or the opportunity to resume the groundbreaking work. John has actually moved on to other challenges.